Challenges in Small Business


The Network is the Marketing

The key to continued success rather than falling to the 50% statistic of all small businesses, is to expand marketing efforts.  Marketing is what drives the growth of business. Your Network is the Marketing

And Did You Know.....?

It PAY$ to connect with us! Having your own business and what most people don‘t know is that it is a little like having your very own ATM machine.  Just live out life creating unlimited income, with all the good health & time to enjoy it!..

Start Your Own Business, and Grow

 If you're already a small business owner,  

then you understand the amount of back-breaking and time-stealing work it takes to maintain that business.  In this economic environment it has become somewhat difficult at best. There are less customers at the door, mostly because.....

  • The largest consumer market of our time, the baby boomer market, largely funded by credit, is moving on
  • Due to the simultaneously occurring credit crunch & the challenging job market, customers have less $ available to spend
  • Always rising, Gas prices lessen the ability of people to travel store to store
  • Shipping and Distribution are more convenient than ever
  • More people are shopping and buying on the internet

Has been this way for the last five years or better, and more than likely will last the next  five.

More notably, it has been trending  this way for the last thirty five years or better, and most likely will continue. Some examples include:

  • The American population is getting older not younger, and, there is no population grouping as large the boomers
  • Companies and starter jobs that once led to American Dream careers, are moving overseas leaving less here to afford it all
  • Tensions and conflicts around the world are expanding, lasting longer than any time in history, jeopardizing basic needs
  • Shipping and Distribution companies dominate the business landscape streamlining services and the goods that they offer
  • Phone or Internet ordering is replacing brick and mortar shopping at an increasing percentage rate wherever possible


A Reasonable Solution...

 The number one form of marketing is Word of Mouth.

  Without marketing there is no sale, & so...

                          Marketing must come first !!                         

So, speak to and correspond with as many people as possible about your business


Connect with a Marketing Company System that will accelerate your business growth

The Smartest Alternative...

While some will choose to try their hands at self marketing, and some will hire their marketing company, we say partner with your marketing company , (that's us)!  Create & expand your marketing department, while you increase the bottom line, through partnership.This will likely form a portion of your business as small or large as desired, into a lucrative distribution system, thus, at a fast rate of speed, providing for dominating potential in your industry.




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